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We provide cashback
to play online casino.

You will be glad to get cashback if you are an online casino enthusiast! It is a brand-new opportunity for players. Use Refun cashback service to play your favorite games. Get % back of your deposit as an addition.

Here you find a wide selection of casinos. You might have been playing some of them before. But you have never obtained Refun cashback when playing.

So let’s start getting cashback. To win or not to win – get money back in!

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Great amount of amusing games


Get deposit % with Refun


Trusted casinos, verified for fairness

Refun’s Principles

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We deal only with licensed casinos. All the listed brands on our website are our proven partners.

Refun is welcome to provide you with trusted casinos.

Casinos are welcome to provide you with juice cashback.

Review before playing

We give players an opportunity to learn about certain online casino.

When you click on the casino card, you find its essential info.

The review section shows the number of games, compatible devices, pay-out time, banking options, and a max jackpot of the online casino.


Feel free to contact Refun with any questions. We have the contact form on every page.

You also can receive updates about new casinos and increased % of cashback. So leave your mail to stay tuned.

Own info to own world

We created a blog section. There are the finest articles about -on and offline casinos, fun facts, and other exciting info.

Team in faces

Bennett Gesner


Co-founder of Refun

Since we are casino enthusiasts, we decided to bring more fun here.

Nate Aceron


Co-founder of Refun 2.0

As huge casino fans, we made service to strengthen fun.

Erin Banks


CEO of Refun

I’m in charge of managing Refun and being sure our customers have fun!

Nicole Rose

Technical director

Technical director of Refun

I speak programming language and play online casinos.

Gracie Clarke

Marketing manager

Marketing manager of Refun

I’m glad you get double fun here. Stay tuned to get upraised cashback.

Kaleb Mainse

Advertiser manager

Alex Head of advertisers

Where are the coolest casinos to play? On Refun for sure.

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How does Refun work?

Refun cashback service placed a list of Canadian online casinos. You check the list out and pick the casino which is appealing to you most. Each casino offers a different % of cash back.

Then you go to the casino site via Refun link clicking “get cashback” button.

Deposit on the casino website conveniently for you(credit/debit card, e-wallet, cryptocurrency). Get cashback from the deposited funds.

How to get cash back with Refun?

You need to get acquainted with Canadian online casinos which are placed on the Refun website. Here you find casinos with different size of cashback present. You can also take a look at other characteristics of cashback casinos.

Then you make a deposit in the chosen online casino. Refun cash back is transferred to your account, since it is a deposit cashback.

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