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Asked Questions

By side are answers to commonly asked questions

What is cashback in online casinos?

It is a fund returning from the sum you deposited. You can get different types of cashback. There are casinos which offer cashback from lost funds. Refun list contains online casino which offers cashback from deposit. Therefore, you choose online casino on Refun website, make deposit, and get % of cashback from the sum you deposited.

How does Refun work?

Refun cashback service placed a list of Canadian online casinos. You check the list out and pick the casino which is appealing to you most. Each casino offers a different % of cashback. 

Then you go to the casino site via Refun link clicking “get cashback” button. 

Make deposit on the casino website by a convenient way to you(credit/debit card, e-wallet, cryptocurrency). Get cashback from the deposited funds.

How much money can I get from cashback?

It depends on the amount you deposit and the % the certain casino can provide. For instance, you choose the casino with 20% of cashback. You make CA$500 deposit. Thus, you get CA$100 cashback on your account.

How to get cashback with Refun?

You need to get acquainted with Canadian online casinos which are placed on the Refun website. Here you find casinos with different size of cashback present. You can also take a look at other characteristics of cashback casinos.

Then you make a deposit in the chosen online casino. Refun cashback is transferred to your account, since it is a deposit cashback.

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