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There is a Rakeback bonus in online casinos, among other tempting rewards. Rakeback allows you to obtain a part of the bet back. In this article, you discover more about the rakeback bonus and its benefits. Let’s explore what rakeback is, how it works, the differences between poker rakeback and casino rakeback, tips on choosing a good rakeback offer, and how you can maximize their rakeback benefits.

What is Rakeback, and How Does It Work?

Rakeback is a system where players receive a percentage of the bet they deposit to the casino while playing different games. The rake is the form of fee charged by the poker providers for hosting the game and providing the framework for players to play against each other. The Rakeback percentage can vary depending on the casino and the game. For example, a casino might offer a 30% Rakeback on poker games, which means that if you bet $100, you will receive $30 back as a rakeback bonus.

The Rakeback percentage varies depending on the casino and the game. It typically ranges from 10% to 40%, with some special promotions offering even higher rates. Refun cashback service offers an online casino with 25% Rakeback. The Rakeback amount is usually regularly credited to the player’s account, such as weekly or monthly.

Poker Rakeback vs. Casino Rakeback

It’s important to note that Rakeback is commonly associated with poker games, as poker rooms have been using this system for a long time. However, with the growing popularity of online rooms, many platforms now offer Rakeback for various casino games. Casino Rakeback is usually tied to specific games like blackjack, roulette, or slots, where the casino takes a percentage of the player’s bets.

Poker and Casino Rakeback may differ regarding the percentage offered and how it’s calculated. In poker, Rakeback is based on the player’s total rakes. While in casinos, it’s determined by the player’s total wagered amount.

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How to choose a good rakeback offer?

When selecting a rakeback offer, you should consider several factors to get real benefits. Firstly, you should research and compare online casinos to find those offering rakeback programs. Additionally, you must understand the specific terms and conditions of the rakeback offer, including the percentage, how frequently it is paid out, and any restrictions or limitations that may apply.

How to maximize Rakeback?

To make the most of the Rakeback bonus, you can follow the following steps:

  • Regular Play: Engage in routine gameplay to generate more rake, increasing Rakeback rewards.
  • VIP Programs: Some online casinos give higher Rakeback amounts to VIP players. Consider becoming a part of the VIP program to receive considerable benefits.
  • Combining Promotions: Some casinos allow players to combine Rakeback with other promotions or bonuses, further enhancing their rewards.


Rakeback bonuses provide an opportunity for poker players to receive cashback on their gaming activities. By understanding how Rakeback works and selecting the suitable offers, you can add an extra layer of profitability to your gambling experience. 

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